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BIOPLEX PROTECTED ZINC - Zinc helps keep feet and coat in excellent condition all year round. Bioplex Zinc is a special protected Zinc, which dramatically improves absorption; making it more immediately available in the animals’ digestive system. COD LIVER OIL - Cod liver oil helps maintain a healthy coat condition all year round. IRON- High levels of iron help reduce the incidence of anaemia. SEAWEED - Seaweed helps improve skin condition. Seaweed typically contains essential minerals and trace elements such as: ● Calcium – Aids growth and maintenance of bones. ● Magnesium – Essential for enzyme systems and metabolism. It can help in the prevention of nervous conditions. ● Sulphur – Aids production of Amino Acids that improves skin and hoof condition. ● Phosphorus – Needed with Calcium to help bone structure. ● Copper – Helps reduce anaemia. ● Manganese – Needed for enzymes and bone formation. ● Iodine – Needed by the thyroid which controls basic metabolism ● Selenium – Affects muscle development. ● Cobalt – Required to produce Vitamin B12 in the gut. HERBS Rosehip Herbs aid respiration. Fenugreek is considered to be effective as a treatment for chronic coughs and also beneficial for digestion.

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