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Ufac Promega 25kg

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Promega is a blend of highly digestible quality proteins together with high omega-3 fish oil in a special protective matrix. The result is a product that supplies excellent levels of digestible undegradable protein (DUP) to ruminant livestock, together with the well-documented benefits of essential fatty acids and energy from fish oil. Promega is designed as an effective fish meal replacer. Feeding Suitable for ALL classes of ruminant livestock, Promega is ideally incorporated into home-mixes, blends and compounded feeds. It can, however, be top-dressed onto forage as part of balanced ration. With excellent palatability, Promega is ideally suited to enhancing feed intake. Dairy cows 3 weeks pre calving – 21 weeks post calving at: 0.5 – 1.0 kg/head/day Beef Cattle 20% added to Barley produces a 16% Crude protein ration 10% added to Barley produces a 13% Crude Protein ration Sheep Ewes (Tupping) 100g/h/d Ewes (Pregnancy & Lactation) 125g/h/d Lambs 12.5g/h/d Rams 100g/h/d Oil % 7.0 Protein % 42.0 Fibre % 5.5 Ash % 4.0 UDP % 20.9 ME (MJ/kg) 14.5

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