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Skinners Field & Trial Light & Senior 2.5kg

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Field & Trial Light & Senior is ideal for older, overweight or less active working dogs. It is wheat gluten free. Like humans, some dogs can be prone to weight gain as they become older or less active. Neutered or spayed dogs can also be prone to excessive weight gain due to reduced energy requirements. Older, overweight or less active dogs still need a carefully balanced diet, with high quality ingredients to maintain their health and condition and Field & Trial Light & Senior has been specifically formulated to meet these needs. Wheat gluten free made with easily digestible chicken and rice, it is lower in protein and fat which can help dogs lose excessive weight. It also contains enhanced levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help protect the joints of your dog. Analytical Constituents Crude Protein: Essential for healthy growth and repair and an important energy source 17.5% Crude Fibres: Helps to produce firm stools, maintains intestinal health and aids digestion 3% Crude Oils & Fats: Maintains healthy skin and coat and provides energy for your dog 8.5% Crude Ash: Mineral content of the food determined chemically by burning the product 5.5%

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