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Sila-Cover 300 16M x 5M


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Sila-Cover 300 silage covers provide protection for grass and maize silage from from birds, rodents and other animals. Sila-Cover 300 silage covers also help provide top quality silage.

To maximise the efficiency of your silage system it is essential that the anaerobic fermentation process (which creates good quality silage) is not hindered by the presence of air. With oxygen present the fermentation process is slowed. This leads to dry matter losses and results in a poorer quality of silage.

Even small holes in the plastic sheet (such as those created by birds) can allow sufficient oxygen into the clamp to spoil significant amounts of silage. It is essential that your plastic sheet is protected from puncture and that the edges are sealed so that air stays out.

If there is air in your clamp fermentation will be hindered. Filling the clamp rapidly, securing it with your plastic sheet, and then covering it with Sila-Cover 300 will ensure that fermentation is fast and efficient as well as your clamp being well protected.

Sila-Cover 300 silage protection sheets and gravel bags offer the ideal solution. These secure covers protect the plastic sheet from puncture, help seal the edges of the clamp, stop the wind from lifting the plastic sheet and help compaction.

  • Heavy duty 300g/m2 silage cover
  • Woven polyethylene with hemmed edges
  • Easy handling, saving time
  • Reduces spoilage and improves compaction
  • Protects polythene under-sheet
  • Bag fixing loops as standard
  • Full protection against birds and mammals

Sila-Cover® 300 Material

  • Less damage from birds and rodents
  • Far better than knitted HDPE at keeping out air and water

When we evaluated which textile to use for our Sila-Cover 300 range we did our own in-house trials on the materials that we shortlisted. In the strength test the 300g/m2 woven polyethylene material we eventually chose had more than twice the strength of the knitted product of the same weight.

The woven material also presents a far superior barrier to persistant beaks and sharp claws! The superior strength and toughness of the material means that sharp and blunt objects don’t damage the material.

On-clamp tests showed that the flexibility of the Sila-Cover 300 material, with its hemmed non-frey edges, makes it quick and easy to install. It stays put in heavy weather, does not lift in windy conditions and moulds well to the protected silage (as can be seen from the picture below).

Into the weave of our Sila-Cover 300 material we have included bag fixing loops which makes the fitting and positioning of our gravel bags quick and convenient.


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