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Secure Covers

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Secure Covers were designed and developed in the UK and are made from the highest quality, finely knitted, UV stable polyethylene. Secure Covers are used over normal polythene silage sheets and are fixed in place using Secure Gravel Bags. Once fitted, Secure Covers’ unique construction disperse wind gusts ensuring that the silage sheet remains in place on the silage pit. Secure Covers effectively reduce surface waste by keeping the silage sheet in close contact with the silage surface. The finely knitted mesh helps prevent bird damage to the silage sheet and when pulled down stops birds feeding on the feed face. Secure Gravel Bags are made from the same tough long lasting flexible material as Secure Covers. When filled with pea gravel they weigh approximately 15 kg. Due to their flexibility Secure Gravel Bags are able to make a much better seal against the silage pit side wall than tyres. A tyre will only have one point of contact with the clamp side wall whereas the Secure gravel bag touches along its length. Why choose Secure Covers® ? Secure, flexible and tough Secure Covers are made from a tough, interlocked knitted textile which will not fray or ladder. During development of Secure Covers we tested many different types of textiles and rejected any made from a simple woven material because of problems with fraying and falling apart in the trials. Simple woven material is also very stiff and cannot follow the contours of the silage, this together with poor wind lift performance can lead to aerobic spoilage. Geoff Hewitt milks 480 cows at Quothquan, Biggar. He also retails the milk and runs Roadhead Farm Feeds producing blends and compounds sold throughout Scotland and the North of England. So when it comes to silage time he “hasn’t got time for messing around with tyres”. Since 2008 Geoff has used Secure Covers and Secure Gravel bags to make sheeting up quick, clean and easy. The gravel bags have the extra advantage of “doing a better job of sealing the pit than tyres”. Geoff has no hesitation in recommending Secure Covers to his customers “because I use them successfully myself”.