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Portek LaserStrike Handheld Silent Bird Scarer


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With its advanced laser technology, LaserStrike is the ultimate silent bird scarer!

The LaserStrike uses optical quality precision lenses and components and has been specifically developed for use as a safe, effective and silent, bird scaring tool which is ideal for agricultural use in built-up areas and buildings where loud noises are a problem to livestock and the general public.

LaserStrike is designed to scare and clear birds at close range and at distances of up to 600m. It is most effective when used in low light conditions (ie: winter) and at dawn and dusk when the birds are most active.

The LaserStrike has proved successful in a wide variety of situations against a large number of troublesome bird species. It is effective in arable locations, grain stores, cattle buildings, landfill sites and industrial installations. Frequent use of the LaserStrike will clear the most persistent and stubborn birds for long periods.


  • Large 100mW diode ensures effectiveness even on bright sunny days
  • Silent and highly effective against most species
  • Clear large areas in minutes
  • Tests show repeated use over 3-10 days substantially reduces or eliminate the target species
  • Occasional follow-up maybe required to maintain deterrent effect
  • Perfect close to built-up areas where noise complaints can be an issue

Case Contents

  • Laserstrike birdscarer
  • 2x 2400 MAh rechargeable batteries
  • 2x keys for secure use
  • Battery charger
  • User guide

The LaserStrike is manufactured for professional use only (laser classification 3B). Not to be confused with cheap, inferior lasers that have low beam quality, but look the same!

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