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Hotline Solar Water Pump

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Solar Powered Water Pump 12v pumping system designed for the transference of large volumes of water to drinking troughs from natural water sources and water butts.

A float switch fitted to the drinking trough turns on the submersible pump as the water level drops.

There is no need for balancing tanks or header tanks so the system is compatible with standard water troughs.

The pump is connected to 30m of hose which feeds back from the water source to the trough.

The kit is powered by 12v battery* and can be connected to a solar panel**.

• Control box • 12v Submersible pump with 30m lead (Max 4 amp – 120w)

• 30m 1/2” (12.7mm) ID reinforced hose • Electronic float switch

• Buoyancy float (optional use)

Tank fittings

• Hole cutter Head (M) Approx. Litres per hr.*** 0 – 320 1 – 305 2 – 300 3 – 285 4 – 275 5 – 265 10 – 210

*Battery not included ***If installed in a static position, trimming the lead and hose to required length will improve L/Hr.

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