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Downland Cut & Graze Seed 15kg

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A 4 to 8 year high dual purpose ley. Designed for 2 cuts of silage followed by aftermath grazing. Specially formulated for a high NDF content and top quality high D-value forage including the TRIPLE CROWN varieties Calvano 1 and Pastour included for their forage quality and very high yields under both cutting and grazing  Formulated for high yields of quality silage over 2 cuts and good aftermath grazing  Contains the new variety Solomon which is very high yielding under cutting with very good first cut yield. Solomon also has very high yields under grazing producing a very dense sward with excellent early and late season growth  Hybrid content for yield, early spring growth, sugar content and forage quality  Very good early spring growth with later heading allowing an early graze before shutting up for first cut  Contains Dual Purpose Clover Blend with the correct balance of large, medium and small leaved varieties to ensure both high yields, good early spring growth and excellent persistency under both cutting and grazing. kg /acre 1.5 Solid Hybrid Tetraploid 2.5 Calvano 1 Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.5 Solomon Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.0 Godali 1 Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 2.5 Pastour Late Perennial Diploid 3.0 Polim Late Perennial Tetraploid 1.0 Downland Dual Purpose Clover Blend White Clover 15.0kg

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