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Cosecure Ewe Bolus 50 Bolus


VAT Exempt

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A cylindrical blue glass continual release intraruminal device For all classes of sheep over 25 kg live weight. One Cosecure bolus may be given at any convenient time in the sheep management year. It is particularly appropriate to give Cosecure 2 to 3 weeks prior to tupping for cover at this critical time, through to lambing and peak lactation. Administer orally using a balling-gun which delivers the bolus directly into the top of the gullet. Great care should be taken not to cause any injury by rough handling or by placing the gun too far inside the throat of the animal. Ensure that each animal has swallowed the bolus by holding the mouth closed and observing the animal for a short time. Gentle massage of the throat may facilitate swallowing of the boluses. To minimise the risk of regurgitation, avoid rough handling of animals.

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