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Battery 12v Leisure / Fencer


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– X-Frame

– Special (thicker) plate with high density active material

– Calcium + high tin alloy

– New special tissue

– Supplied charged and ready to fit

– Strong carry handle


Vibration resistant design

– Low resistance enveloped separator with glass mat

– Hot melt glue

– Reinforced container



Longer life & high cycle stability

– High endurance in deep cycle service

– Flexible design for deep cycling

– More electric power to terminal posts

– The MF endurance by reserving more electrolyte volume over the plate



Full framed grid (round edge design)

– Full framed grid design restrains grid growth and short-circuits. Benefit: Upgraded quality and longer life span


Unique designed grid for electric flow

– As punching grids mechanically, it ensures high electric conductivities and strong adhesion of active materials. Benefit: Providing higher starting, power, stable structure  and few corrosion.


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Weight20 kg